ipmarker's live traffic widget currently used on 213177 pages


  • Live Traffic Feed widget that shows real-time view of your site traffic
  • Copy and paste the code in any of your web page where you would like to see the statistics
  • Customize the colors of the feed to exactly match your blog or website theme
  • Traffic is updated in real time

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Chapters in the eBook

  • Goal
  • Buying the Domain
  • Domain Research
  • Video Tutorial
  • Keyword research
  • Setting up the site
  • Things to consider
  • Live traffic widget
  • About Ads
  • Ad placement
  • Widget Monetization
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  • Disclaimer

Buy Now for just $1.99 USD

How I made $50000 from a website

Buy Now for just $1.99 USD

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1. Choose Text Color, Background color for Header & Footer and Content and Border Color

Text Color:  
Header Background:
Content Background:
Border Color:

2. Choose Font Type, Font Size and Number of Visitors to show

Font Type: Font Size: Number of Visitors to Show:

3. Choose Prefix and Suffix text

Select Prefix: Select Suffix:

4. Select width of sidebar widget


5. Generate Code