The best tablet browsers for web browsing

Now a day’s most of the people are reliant on their smartphones and tablets. Tablet PCs are becoming the most popular computing devices for searching information or to connect around social network. In order to have enhanced web surfing the browser must fit into your tablet and should load instantly.

There are browsers specific to PCs and mobile phones. In order to have an easy browsing in tablet PCs there are lot of tablet browsers available in the market with more advanced features. Here is the list of the best browsers for tablet PCs.

  1. 1. Opera

Not only in PCs and mobile phones but also in Smart phones and Tablets Opera is considered as the perfect match and the best browser. In tablets and smart phones it will render as a mini Opera. Facebook, Google, and Yahoo like any website it will search and load instantly. Opera mini is the default web browser for most of the Android based Mobiles. The data Usage in this browser is very less. You can easily share any information in Social networks like Twitter, Facebook or Google+. There is a facility to download required services from Opera Mobile store. Opera uses Encryption method to open browsers securely. You can easily manage Bookmarks, History and downloads. With the speed dial button on the home page it is easy to access frequently used websites. It is possible to increase the font size with the browser settings. With the privacy menu it is possible to make your information more secure and private to your tablet. You can also play the games directly in online without any problems.

  1. 2. Dolphin

There are so many browser platforms for mobile or smartphone browsing. But if you want something more, smart and efficient browsing for your smart phone Dolphin is the recommended alternative web browser. Dolphin is the world’s first gesture and voice control based web browser. It adapts to the way you want to browse. With the side-bar you can access the services like bookmarks, wallpapers, you tube videos, Bing, amazon. With the Dolphin Sonar feature you can do the following things:

Search: Just say what you want to search the information.

Navigate: You can go the website that you want just by saying a single word like “BBC” or “new tab”.

Share: You can share the information by simply saying “share”.

Dolphin really changes the way browsing. A new feature which enables you to open web pages as digital magazines was developed in newer versions of dolphin. In order to manage the bookmarks you can create a Bookmark Folder. By closing the web browser you can clear the cache and history. Dolphin supports its own gestures:

  • If you draw a capital M, then you can save a new page to bookmarks, then a capital N, a new tab opens.
  • By drawing arrows you can scroll the page up and down.
  • It is possible to create your own gestures by simply drawing any symbol.

Dolphin supports an advanced feature named “Multi-Touch zoom” which solves the problem of reading webpages in desktop view. Just by pinching the fingers you can make the text bigger or smaller. It will adjust the text size automatically to any screen size. It is possible to Zoom-in or Zoom-out by double tapping the target area.

  1. Firefox

Firefox is the number one browser for PC browsing which was developed from Open-Source community. Now it has entered into the Tablet browsing market and making sensation. You can synchronize the bookmarks, passwords and history from anywhere. With Personas you can make the browser look attractive with the available graphics. It is Possible to add additional services or features to your browser just by downloading & installing the thousands of add-on’s that are available in the market.

  1. Tablet browser for Wikipedia

Have you used a special browser to access Wikipedia services in your PC or mobile? Now you can use those services in tablets or smartphones. There is a special web browser called Tablet browser for Wikipedia. With the signs on web page you can search data you want to. You can select the data and post to social network sites like Facebook, Google+ and twitter. You can also mail the selected data.

  1. Google Chrome

Google has entered into the mobiles, tablets and smart phones with the Google chrome beta version for web browsing. It will search and load the data instantly to the web pages. It is Easy to zoom the web pages. With  “Incognito” mode it is possible to do the private browsing. It is possible to open countless new tabs and it is easy to navigate them also. You can access the Google’s services with more friendly.

  1. Maxthon

Maxthon is the exclusive tablet browser for 10 inch tablets. With this browser it is easy to synchronize and access the bookmarks. It is possible to surf with multiple skins. With “Sync to the Cloud” option you can save your desktop PC or mobile bookmarks in online. The key features & benefits of Maxthon browser are:

RSS Feed Widget: It is possible to have the RSS feed on your mobile. You can read or edit your feeds. You can also scroll the feeds and get the latest news going on.

Maxthon Downloader: You can download files, listen to music and view pictures with the maxthon downloader.

Speed Dial: You can place the most visited sites in your tab. It is easy to view the last visited tabs or web pages.

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